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Wilderness Therapy and Its Benefits

Wilderness counseling is an alternative method of helping troubled teenagers. As a result, they can better form positive bonds with other people and the natural world around them. It is important ...

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Positive Outcomes from Wilderness Therapy in the Field

Wilderness therapy has grown into a thriving industry, with dozens of institutions around the country claiming to be able to treat troubled kids. However, many parents are concerned about the safet...

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A Successful Treatment for Adolescents and Young Adults Is Wilderness Therapy

Teenage hormones and peer pressure can make managing behavioral and mental health issues challenging. Young adults can overcome these issues and gain better-coping mechanisms with wilderness therap...

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Effects of Wilderness Therapy Meta-Analysis

Practices that promote and improve mental health, wellness, and social connections outside are becoming increasingly popular. Although there is evidence that these methods may help various psycholo...

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What Is Wilderness Therapy?

Wilderness Therapy is a form of therapeutic intervention that uses outdoor activities to address psychological problems. It can also help improve physical health and self-esteem. This type of progr...

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Programs for Wilderness Therapy: A Systematic Review

The success of several wilderness treatment programs is covered in the following article. Safety, the price of therapies, and the efficiency of the Nomadic wilderness therapy model are some topics ...

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Reasons Why Wilderness Treatment Works

A growing number of people are turning to wilderness therapy as a means of healing from emotional and psychological distress. However, there are a few major concerns that must be resolved before th...

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Effects of Wilderness Adventure Therapy on Mental Health

Going outside has a significant impact on our physical health, but it can also be good for our mental health. While wilderness adventure therapy can have a variety of physical consequences on your ...

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Does Science Support the "Wilderness" in Wilderness Therapy?

Whether you're a student, a parent, or someone who's interested in learning more about wilderness therapy, you might be curious about whether or not science supports the "wilderness" in wilderness ...

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